Ubiquisys Technology in “Femtocell as a Service” trial with leading European operator

Posted by Keith Day

Our partner NECFamily using public wireless | FaaS | Ubiquisys has announced that it is working with Colt Technology Services to conduct the first ever live trials of Small Cells using a Femto-as-a-Service (FaaS) model (see this post from FWS 2012, where Colt spoke about the FaaS model). The companies are working in conjunction with a leading, large-scale European mobile operator using a multi-operator Small Cell (Femto) Gateway from NEC and Small Cell technology from Ubiquisys. This model breaks down the investment barrier for mobile operators to start their own Small Cell services, eliminating the need for a dedicated Femto Gateway in the network core.

FaaS is a subscription model, which eliminates upfront capital investment requirements in favour of a demand-led opex model, and does not consume the internal resources associated with an in-house project. Leveraging NEC’s gateway and Colt’s hosting and connectivity, FaaS enables operators to deploy small cells into their networks more quickly, in order to offload data traffic and improve the overall capacity of the macro network.

Small cells are becoming an important part of operator strategy as a customer retention and acquisition tool, adding capacity at the point of need and providing improved cellular coverage, especially indoors where most mobile data is consumed. Using Ubiquisys’ portfolio of small cells, this model covers connectivity for a range of segments including; residential, enterprise, indoor metro (coffee shops, shopping malls, etc.) and outdoor.

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  • Anonymous

    Keith, Good to see some firm publicity and progress on this approach. I had heard COLT have been pretty busy on this for some time. 

    Are you able to state if this trial is exclusively for open-access small cells in public areas (effectively metrocells) or whether the scope includes in-building coverage for enterprise/business and/or residential? 

    Also, is there any connection between COLT’s enterprise wireline customers and this service, or are they effectively run independently? 

    Lastly, do you see this commercial approach making any different demands on your small cell products, or does the current off-the-shelf range meet the full scope of today’s requirements.David ChambersThinkSmallCell