Explained: Smart Cells from Ubiquisys and Intel

Posted by Keith Day

Last week at the Small Cells Asia event in Taiwan, Steve Shipley, APAC GM of Ubiquisys, gave a presentation on smart cells, a new type of small cell that could play a big part in shaping future networks.

Smart cells are hybrid devices, the result of a two year strategic collaboration between Ubiquisys and Intel® Corporation. They are one part intelligent 3G/4G/WiFi small cell hotspot, and one part powerful cloud server based on Intel architecture. The result is a powerful new set of capabilities never previously available at the edge of a mobile network.

  • Massive capacity to store and serve rich media where it’s needed, closer to mobile users, cutting backhaul traffic in half and dramatically improving user experience.
  • The processing power to perform inline processing previously only available inside the core network, such as virus checking and video rate adaptation.
  • A platform to host cloud applications such as Wireless Policy Management to integrate cellular and WiFi technologies, Advertising Servers and Content Delivery Network (CDN) clients.

Operators are boosting data capacity by adding vast numbers of densely-deployed small cell hotspots in public spaces. Smart cells overcome the drawback of using a commodity internet backhaul connection and they offer faster, more dependable media app experiences for users. They also offer new business opportunities for operators, advertisers and cloud application vendors.

You can read the whole of Steve’s presentation here, with explanatory notes for each slide:

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